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Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits

Integrated Circuits are also known as "IC's". These are highly integrated circuits built-on a semiconductor (silicon). These IC's consume low power and generate high output. We bring high quality IC's that is designed according to the international standards and these IC's are highly durable.

These IC's are used in many electronic components like TV's, CPU, computer, radio, music system, mobile phone, etc. Wherever, there is an electronic product IC will exist in the product.

We offer following types of Integrated circuits:
Microprocessors, Opto Couplers, Digital ICs, PAL / GAL, PLD / EPLD, Micro Controllers, Analog ICs, EPROM / EEPROM, Serial E²PROM, 40/45 Series, 74 LS / F / S / HC / HCT / ALS / FCT series.

We offer following ranges of Integrated circuits:
DIP – 6 pin to 64 pin,PLCC – 20 to 84 pin,LCC,PQFP,SSOP,TSOP,PGA.

We offer following company Integrated circuits:
AD, AMD, Atmel, Dallas, HP, Intel, Maxim, Motorola, National, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Silicon Ix,ST,Texas,Toshiba, Soccer and more…

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