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The diode is an electronic component that can allow current to flow in only one direction, which acts as a switch. Diode or rectifier that allows most zero (low resistance) in one direction and mostly infinity (high resistance) on another direction. The diode can divide into two types, signal diode and rectifier diode. Signal diode can allow only small currents below 100mA and rectifier diode can pass large currents.

These Diodes are used in many electronic goods like iron box, DVD, TV, Fridge, computers, etc. At very large reverse bias voltage, normal diodes can't resist, so that the device can damage permanently. Zener diode is mainly used to provide reference voltage, so to avoid that I-V (reverse breakdown) Zener diode is used. Schottky diode is formed from a metal–semiconductor junction, which is used to reduce capacitance and increases switching speed.

We offer following diodes:
We offer Zener diode, Photodiode, variable diode, rectifier diode, signal diode, rectifier diode, tunnel diode, Laser diode, Schottky diode, Avalanche diode, etc.

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